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Personal training

We motivate people to improve their quality of life. This can be understood in the broadest sense of the word. Some people need more coaching and motivation, while others want to learn more about the movement of the body itself. In personal training, we start from the four main movements: pushing and pulling for the upper body and squatting and hinging for the lower body. Of course, there are many more movements involved in a training, but basically it boils down to these four. 


What does my first personal training appointment consist of?

First of all, we would like to invite you for an introductory meeting. You do not need any sportswear for this. We would like to show you our studio and see how we can best help you reaching your goals. Once this is clear, we will make an intake appointment where we will perform various tests and measurements that apply to your goal(s) and training. 


Since we are a studio for manual therapy, physiotherapy and personal training, we can also provide you with excellent support in the event of complaints. It is even strongly recommended that you stay active when you are having complaints. Most of our personal trainers are also physiotherapists, so they can safely allow you to continue training in case of complaints. What’s more, in consultation with your treating therapist, personal training can also contribute to your recovery.

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