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Manual therapy

Our manual therapists have a Master of Science degree in manual therapy.

This makes them specialists in providing customised diagnostics and treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Your personal goals are central to this.


Manual therapy uses specific mobilisations and manipulations (‘cracking’ in popular speech) to optimise the mobility of joints. However, manual therapy is broader than manipulations alone. If these mobilisations and manipulations are performed at all, they are only a means of improving movement, never a goal in themselves. 

To achieve optimal results, constructive training is important. Both under supervision and at home. This will increase your physical capacities so that you can carry out your activities again without limitations.


What does my first physiotherapy appointment consist of?


The first appointment lasts 60 minutes. We start the appointment with a thorough intake interview to identify your complaint(s) and needs. Together with your therapist, you will discuss whether manual therapy is appropriate for your complaint(s). This is followed by a physical examination. We will take the time required. 


If the above has been thoroughly mapped out, we will start the treatment at the same or the next appointment.

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